How To Lose Weight Fast

So you want to learn how to lose weight fast before your wedding or special events? It’s easy without weight loss pills. You only need to do few things – get used to low carb diets, join weight loss programs, free weight loss diets, and control your food intake. You need to have diet plans and eat only healthy diets because what goes into your stomach decides your body weight. However, if you are Wondering why you are not losing weight with all the exercises and workouts you do on daily basis, the answer is – you are not controlling your food intake and not following any weight loss program. You just eat whatever comes your way hoping your daily workout will take care of it. NO, it doesn’t work that way. You must control what you eat.

1 – Grandma will always give you those delicious foods as long as you keep visiting her. Take the food and give it to someone who is hungry – You cannot say no to your grandma’s fatty foods and not maintaining the proper weight for your height, your body need up to 2,500 calories daily to stay active.

2 – You are too busy with work and not following the basic daily exercise of at least 30 minutes a day to burn off useless calories.

3 – Cannot drop weight because you are not eating in Moderation and eating too much of even low-fat foods. Find cheap but nutritious foods.

4 – You are still following your old habit and eating too much Fat and Sugar that increases calories.

5 – You still fall in love with fatty foods and not eating More Fiber-Rich Foods. Your body need more fiber to enable you lose weight.

6 – Not losing weight because you are not eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grain products such as bread and rice, etc.

7 – Still eating much sugar and sweets and not reducing fat cheeses. You must have to reduce your sugar, sweet and fat cheese intake to enable you lose weight fast.

8 – Still drinking much alcohol and alcohol related. Drink more water instead. Too much alcohol is generally bad for your health, and you cannot lose weight until you change the habit.

9 – Not selecting foods whose labels say low, light or reduced calories or fat. Check the food labels and make sure it says low fat, before paying for them.

10 – Still eating much ice cream instead of fat-free, low fat plain yogurt. Make it a habit to always eat low fat yogurt because they will help you lose weight fat.

11 – Still eating those favorite rich foods that keeps you heavy. Change your eating habits, and resort to light foods that will make you feel very light.

12 – Still following those too good to be true diet pills and weight loss programs you see every day on television and newspapers. Though some are good and works perfectly if used correctly.

13 – Learn to say no thanks, I am already full. This is the issue with most of us. You keep eating because you cannot say no to someone. Learn how to lovely say no to anyone offering you some foods.

14 – Learn to tell grandma or grandpa or friends, OK I will eat that later. Find and give the food to some one who needs it more than you do.Follow good eating habit instead of anything goes down in your stomach. Learn how to only eat quality foods that is healthy and lighter to your body.

15 – Turn away your eyes from those delicious and yummy fatty street foods that always attract your attention whenever you are roaming the street, or went shopping.

16 – Learn to satisfy your food craving in moderation. Always be yourself and just eat a little bit of everything. Don’t starve yourself for too long before the next meal.

17 – Get enough sleep. Always try to eat diner at least 4 hours before going to bed. Avoid late dinner, and eating in between sleeps.

18 – Limit your caffeine intake. If you are addicted to coffee, find a related alternative so you don’t miss it much.

19 – Learn to do fasting sometime (even if not for any religious reasons). It’s very good for the entire body functions. And helps you lose weight fast.

20 – Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed. Remember too much of everything is bad. Drink moderately.

21 – Increase your protein intake. This does not mean eating kilos of meat in a day, just eat some cool protein diets on daily basis.

22 – Don’t skip breakfast. Remember being deficient in certain vitamins, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium causes body stress and boosts cortisol levels, some yogurt with fresh strawberries provides vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

23 – Learn to turn a bad habit into a good idea. Devise your own eating habits. And stick with only healthy foods that enables you to lose weight fast whenever you want.

24 – Turn every disappointment into an opportunity. Always google healthy foods, and low fats up on the internet to know the latest.

25 – Learn how to feel full faster. Don’t stick on the diner table. Eat less no matter how delicious the food might be.

26 – Don’t skip meals. Eat your normal meals, but reduce the quantity you take in. When you eat less, you can eat as many times as you want without adding any extra weight.

27 – Use a Smaller Plate. We tend to eat with our eyes, not our stomachs. For many people, the sign of fullness is an empty plate. Consuming healthier portion sizes on a smaller plate may have the same effect. For a balanced meal, load up at least half your plate with veggies and fruit, then filling a quarter of the plate with lean protein and the other quarter with bread, pasta, or a potato.

28 – Slow Down. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to realize that the stomach is full, eating more slowly may help prevent overeating. It allows you to get to the point of being satisfied, not stuffed. Additionally, many people tend to ignore common signs of fullness, such as the feeling of tightness in the stomach. Don’t keep eating until your fullness is uncomfortably obvious. Instead, take time out to put your fork or spoon down between bites and have a sip of water while observing the physical sensations of your stomach.

29 – Living with an overweight Partner who likes to eat. This is the hardest one because you cannot simply say no to your partner, it could be construed to mean outright rejection. If you are living with an obese partner, it’s hard to say no as your partner is always having those fatty foods and eating half and romantically giving you other half. Just devise a romantic means of saying OK, I will eat that later. Take the food and put it on the side.

30 – General advice – Eat healthy. What you eat is closely linked to your health.

31 – Get regular exercise – Exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon cancer.

32 – Lose weight if you’re overweight. Protect your skin. Don’t smoke or use tobacco.

33 – Limit how much alcohol you drink. Always think of health first, and always visit health clinics whenever you feel ill.

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If you want to learn the best ways to lose weight or how to lose weight quickly, here are some clues and adjustments that could help you remedy that situation. The main reason many people hit the gym everyday after work is to lose belly fat and trim down there weight and try if they can see their 6 abs. Did you know that we all have 6 abs, but it can only be seen when you lose weight and trim down to your normal body weight looking at your self in the mirror every morning, and noticed that your weight is not reducing. And you kept asking yourself why, despite all the gym appointments, fat burning exercises, yoga practices and belly fat cure working-outs? The answers are all up to you. Reduce your normal food intake.


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Try to draw a weight loss plan and see how your body will shape up even with a little walkout. It’s only to follow a common workout routine and apply them to your everyday live. Discover the fastest way to lose weight and how to maintain your health. Eat healthy and exercise to keep a good mental health. Learn the best approach from the experts to maintain your kids health. Challenge your self to a common discipline – control your food intake and your done. Here are some of the common reasons why you are not losing weight in spite of your regular workout. Follow below tips seriously, and you will lose weight faster than you thought.

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If you learn to discipline yourself when it comes to foods that goes in and out of your body, you can easily adjust your life, get rid of that extra pounds, reduce your weight, get that six pack Ab you have been dreaming of, discover your true self and you would be happy for the rest of your life. Discipline yourself and put all the above mentioned facts into daily use, before you know it, that fatness disappears and will never come back hence the real you comes out in full.