How To Create A Happy Home Environment

Are you searching for how to create a happy home environment for your loving family? Welcome on board. Family should always be your number one priority in your everyday life because they are all you got in this life. And  you depend on them, and count on them during good and bad times. Your family will always be there by your side whenever you need them. Though they say that great friends are better than family members, but friendship has limits. So the question that pops up in everyone’s mind is – how do you give your family a happy home to keep them together? How do you create a happy and conducive environment that makes every one feel good and beloved? Happiness is a feeling of pleasure. Someone who is happy has feelings of pleasure, usually because something nice has happened to them or because they feel satisfied with their life. Happy home is a wish everyone clamor to have in life, but it’s not that easy to have it. However, here are 21 easy ways that could help you to create a happy home.


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1. Make Your Home Heaven On Earth. Not only children, everyone needs security – a safe place to call a home. It is obvious that Children grows up been smarter and well disciplined in a more secured environment than in a rough unsecured place. Kids need a secure and safe home where they feel protected and loved. However, giving your children full protection makes them very proud because that also energizes them and allows them to face the harsh realities of life whenever it comes. It also makes the kids proud to come home after school knowing that their home is a haven on earth. They go on bragging about their cool mom and dad, lovely uncles and happy family members.

2. Your Marriage First.

Happy marriage creates a happy home. You have to put your marriage first before anything because if it fails and collapsed, everything else follows. Some may say children first well, nothing wrong with that, but think of what will happen if the marriage collapsed. You have to do what it takes to keep your marriage to maintain a happy home because your kids will eventually grow up and move out, leaving you and your partner alone in the house.

3. Always Laugh.

Laughter is the best way to relieve stress. Putting a smiling face in and around your home makes everybody feel good and your neighbors would be happy to see you everyday with a smiling face that makes them happy too.

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4. Balancing Work and Home. What makes a happy home is a well balanced work and home life. With the hustles and bustles of life in the city, it’s difficult to easily balance your work and home life, but you must have to devise a means to keep everyone in your family happy. You have to make everyone understand your schedule so they don’t feel bad when you are too busy and did not attend some family events and functions.

5. Play Together.

Family that plays together stays together. Having a family only outings helps to maintain a happy home. Try to have or rather organize some activities that the family does together with everyone assigned a function.

6. Communication.

One of the unifying factors that keeps families together and happy is constant communication. With the advent of mobile phone, communication has been made simple, where you can just pull out your mobile phone and call or text anyone in any part of the world. It brings families together very quickly during celebrations and when tragedies happened.

7. Family First Before Friends. To create a very happy and admirable home, you must have to put your family first before your friends. Put on hold all those invitations, outings and house parties and attend to your family needs. Take your kids out during their short or long holidays, help them on their homework, do the shopping and laundry and help your wife/husband clean. It’s only when your family functions are done should you turn attention to your friends.

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8. Show Affection and Love.

Get very intimate with your partner and that creates a special sense of feeling and togetherness. Give all your love without conditions. Become very affectionate with your children, give then a sense of proud and happiness by constantly hugging and kissing them. Share and show your affection and love to everyone in your home and even to your neighbors. By doing that you are not only creating a happy home, you are making yourself happy.

9. Family Time.

Try to arrange some quality time and invite all family members once a while for free bbq or diner at the lawn so all could sit down to eat as a family and get to know each other better. Family time also helps new family members to see and meet other members.

10. Welcome Your Wife/Husband With a Kiss.

Men and women loved to be pampered by their partners. By waiting at the door to greet, kiss and welcome him/her from work gives your partner a great sense of love and security. He will forever cherish that gesture, hence creating a happy moment not only for yourself but for the entire family.

11. Family Dinner. Organize a family dinner and make it mandatory that everybody must be there irrespective of hectic schedules or appointments. Arrange to cook or order special dishes that everyone likes to talk about. While eating, talk with them gently, try to make everyone feel special and remind them how important a happy family is for the future generation and how they should try to keep to themselves and stay together even when most families are falling apart.

12. General Opinions.

To create a happy family needs a conceited opinions. Everybody, including the children should be consulted before making serious decisions and major adjustments in the house. Kids, specially the older ones always wanted more freedom as they grow up and you must have to grant that freedom if you want their full co-operation in the house. Getting everybody involved in the house decision making makes them very happy with sense of belonging.

13. Cool Off Time.

Living and working in the city creates lots of stress specially for young adults. You have to create a pattern where everybody in the family has some time to cool off, take some rest and get energized to start up again. You can organize this for few hours every Sunday so everybody would be refreshed to start up on Monday. Try this and see how happy, functional and lively your family feels.

14. Enough Time With Your Partner. Despite your busy schedules and family management, your partner is the special someone to crash and rest on after the days job. Though it’s hard to still have time to mingle with your partner if you have a large family to care for, but, your priority should include spending quality time with your partner to help you get over the stress.

15. Healthy & Active.

Beside maintaining a healthy and active environment for the kids, you must make sure you are healthy and energetic to control everything in your house and dictate whatever went wrong and fix it as quickly as possible. You must be able to know when things go wrong in the house like when there is a gas leak or plumber issues. You have to do the household shopping, take the family car to mechanic and much more.

16. Compassionate To Everyone.

You must show equal compassion and love to everyone knowing that it’s important for families to be there for each other through good and hard times. You must learn how to comfort any family member in case of tragedies and unfortunate events that happens from time to time. Bringing family members together in times of tragedies makes everyone happy and proud to belong to the family.

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17. Drawing Limits.

As your kids grow up, their demands and needs expands. Though it’s good to use boundaries to protect children, but you must have to explain to the kids why those boundaries are there in the fist place. As an adult, you have to know when to tear down each boundary as the kids grow up to teens and to young adults.

18. Have Open Mind.

Try to understand that children are just kids growing up gradually and needs attention in every aspect of their lives. Try to be more flexible in dealing with every member of your family specially the kids. With an open mind, and proper attention, you are making everyone proud and happy without even knowing it.

19. Discipline. This is the best way to direct kids as they would stick to those measures all their lives. You should teach your kids how to respect others, how to live with others and how to get what they want peacefully. Though some may perceive discipline as harsh, but it’s not. Actually, it’s the best way to raise up kids.

20. Clean Up Your House.

Some people kept on buying and buying and buying till there is no more space for anything. Once a while, take a stock and check your storage. Try to take out old things you don’t need anymore. If you don’t know how and where to put them, just put them outside your house with a sign “Free Stuff” and before you get to your front door, someone who needed them has arrived. So, you have not only made your family happy by cleaning your house, you have also made someone very happy by giving away a free stuff.

21. Take Care of Yourself. Most parents specially mothers tend to forget themselves entirely as they spend all their time looking after everyone. Try to find enough time to look after yourself. Remember, if you get sick, everyone in the family gets sick. Create a relaxing moment for yourself. Always try to get enough sleep to boost your energy and start next day on a positive note.

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Hope you enjoyed reading our post. Do you already have a happy home or still trying to create one? Whatever is the case, feel free to shear your opinion. Your thoughts could be someone else eye opener. We will keep updating the post as we discover more creative ways.