22 Best Ways To Make Your Pet Happy

If you are looking for some easy ways to make your pet happy and entertained, welcome on board. Pets makes everyone in the family happy, and children in particular loves to play with them on regular basis. Families adore their pets and some (specially grand parents and couples without children) treats the pets as children, and can do whatever it takes to care for them. Pets are animals we love to live with. And as they are always kept locked up indoors, in cages and chains, you must make sure they are well cared for and protected. Here are some of the best ways to make your pet very happy.


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1. Organize A Pet Dating. If you want to make your pet very happy, schedule a date with a friend who has the same pet and watch how happy your pet is mingling, leaking and playing with each other. Your pet deserves to be happy therefore, organizing your pet to meet other pets is worth doing. Just like humans, pets are living being too with romantic feelings. Pet dating just like human dating would be a great idea not only to the owners but also to the animals who are under house arrest, in cages and chains. All social living things virtually have everything in common and likes the same things in life and Animals or rather Pets are no exceptions. As humans likes to socialize, dance, play, kiss, mate, so do your pet likes to socialize, play and mate with other pets.

2. Listen To Your Pet.
Sometimes, you need to listen to your pet, they try to express their hard feelings of been in bondage, in cage, in chains, for a long time but you don’t understand and never take their actions seriously. Some like dogs, cats, etc try to bark or make some kind of noise just to call your attention, but you misunderstood and instead give then normal food thinking they are only hungry for food no, they are hungry for socializing, playing, kissing, mating and other social activities that animals generally do among themselves which humans never seem to take care about much.

3. Imagine Yourself As A Pet In A Cage.
Put your self in the shoes of your pet and imagine what your life would be if your locked up in a cage, in chains and deprived the privilege of socializing, talking and mating with other pets. Those pets do complain, they cry but if only you will understand their language and see the anger in their face. Some pets sometimes react with annoyance and bit anyone who dare to touch.

4. Arrange For Pet Games.
Organizing Pet games is not too difficult a thing to do, just two or more owners of the same pets to arrange a place beside a public park, to bring their pets and let them play animal games, and socialize with each other. Taking the pets to a public park or walking them on public roads does not and will never alleviate the hardship pets undergo in chains and cages which humans subjected them, all in the name of pet.

5. Let your pet play with anything.
Pets like to play with virtually anything around them as they feel bored just sitting there and watching you. Throw in the pet toys and other strong objects and Let the pet play and destroy them.

6. Get your pet some new clothes.
Pets like cats and dogs likes to be treated warmly and feels good and secured when clothed during extreme cold winter.

7. Get your pet a plastic swimming pool.
Did you know that pets, specially dogs likes to swim just as humans likes to visit the beach during hot summer.

8. Go on a hunting trip with your pet.
Dogs in particular are natural hunters. They like to run as fast as they can to catch their prey. Let your dog stay active even when you are not around.

9. Feed your pet normally.
Try to seek advice from the experts on the quantity of food you can give your pet and how often. Just like humans, if you overfeed your pets, they became obese and lazy, hence cannot live active life and might even die before you know it.

10. Play with your pet.
Pets are always ready and wants to play with you. Device a particular game that animals like, and make out time to play with your pet. Race with your pet in an open place.

11. Keep your pet hydrated.
Make sure there is always water beside the food bowl. Pets need to drink enough water to stay hydrated just like humans. Without water, your pup could get dehydrated quickly and fall sick.

12. Take your pet to massage.
Visit the massage parlor once a while and let the experts and pet handlers give your pet a cool massage. Pets are under enormous stress as they are always locked up in a small cage.

13. Brush your dog teeth regularly.
Did you know that regular dental care can prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and doggie breath? It can even lengthen your dog’s life. Make it a duty to brush the teeth at least twice a week and see how happy your dog feels.

14. Give your pet a regular check up.
Make sure your puppy has regular checkup to give your vet the opportunity to profile your dog’s health.

15. Let the vet trim your pet’s claws.
Don’t forget your pet is a domesticated wild animal. If you allow the claws to grow too long, you or anybody playing with pet is in trouble. The long claws damages anything the pet plays with. Clean and short claws keeps the pet healthy.

16. Clean your pet sensitive areas.
Pets are always on the move and rolls on the ground often to scratch their back and that exposes them to serious infections. However, you can seek your vet advice on how to swab the ears and other delicate areas.

17. Shower your pet with puppy shampoo.
Playing in different dirty places leaves the pet stinky and smelly. Therefore, after all the playing, give your pet a nice shower to keep fresh, happy and more relaxed.

18. Exercise with your puppy.
If you are the type who likes to exercise regularly, try to do it with your dog in the morning hours and see how different and active it feels. Some people just keep the dog there, stuffing it with food to keep healthy – this is a very bad and wrong approach. The dog will only get too fat, lazy to walk and cannot live long.

19. Walk out your dog regularly.
No matter how busy you are, if you want to keep a healthy dog in your house, you must have to walk to different places with the dog to keep fit.

20. Speak with your dog.
If you want to communicate with your dog or cat, try to study their body language so that you know how they feel and how to get along well with them. You will understand when they feel hungry, when they are tired and need to rest and more.

21. Let your dog chew hard bones.
It is natural for dogs in particular to chew bones. But that practice is none existing when they are domesticated and becomes pets. Chewing hard bones helps the dog to develop hard and healthy set of teeth. Therefore, allow your dog to chew hard bones, it makes them happy and healthy.

22. Feed your pet with a balanced diet.
Learn to feed your pet with balanced pet food with right nutrients. Though, not everybody can afford high quality expensive pet foods, but there are categories that depends on your budget.


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If you master the best approach, your pets will feel good and never be the same again. Talking ones like dogs, cats etc will never bark or disturb you or your neighbors anymore as long as you made it a duty to make them happy regularly. Try this out and see how good they feel. Believe it or not, after the pet dating, your pet will feel good and never be the same again, talking ones like dogs, and cats will never bark or disturb you or your neighbors anymore as long as you made it a duty to take them out on a regular date with other pets. Try all these procedures and see how good and happy your pet feels. Bottom Line – Don’t get pets if you cannot maintain and care for them. And don’t get pets because your friends are getting.