How To Buy A Digital Camera For Beginners

If you think you have mastered how to take a life time quality photos with your mobile phone, well, think again, because you haven’t. Digital camera is a whole new world, and you don’t want to miss the fun. We will show you how to buy a digital camera for beginners. Though the basic functions of cameras seems to be limited now because of inclusion of cameras in mobile phones, but digital camera is still and will remain the main instrument for taking life time quality photographs and images. If you want quality photos that would last over 100 years old, go for digital camera because it has all the qualities built in to perfection.


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How to choose the right digital camera

A digital camera is a camera that takes video and photographs by recording images on an electronic image sensor. Find best photography courses and digital products. Shop for a digital camera today and you’ll be overwhelmed with the new choices available. Whatever your budget, you’ll find dozens of digital cameras for photographers available at your fingertips. Some have similar features, some are small, others are clunky, and you can even buy one in your favorite color. How do you pick the digital camera that’s right for you? Here are basic things we suggest you consider before making your choice. Whatever camera you’re using, you can take good pictures by knowing a few basic guidelines and some pro-level tips to start with. To create a shortlist of digital cameras, here are the top 5 must know things to consider.

1. Your Budget – You know how much you earn every month, and how much to spend on your social lifestyles and still balance even. Decide how much you’re willing or able to spend on your new camera for photography, and limit your research to cameras within that budget. You should not waste your time over the latest gadgets only to discover that they are beyond your means? So just look at the digital cameras within your budget.

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2. Your Photography Needs

What types of pictures will you be taking – portraits? best landscapes? sports pictures? indoor or outdoor? The answer to this question will help you determine which features are important for you. If you’ll mainly be taking snapshots of your children, you’ll probably want a camera with face recognition feature and easy red-eye reduction. On the other hand, if you’re always trying to capture action shots from your son’s soccer game, you’ll want a camera with high-speed burst shooting.

3. How You Print Your Pictures?

You also need to ask yourself how you print your pictures. Do you make 4 x 6-inch prints at home or at the drugstore? Then you will not need a camera with huge amounts of megapixels. On the other hand, if you sometimes make poster-sized prints, then look for a minimum of 10 megapixels. If you don’t even print your pictures but share them online and via email, you need even less.

4. Who Uses The Camera? Will your spouse, children or co-workers be using the camera as well? Then you’ll need a camera that’s easy enough for them to use. Digital cameras that offer automatic program settings are easy enough even for children to use. Image stabilization also comes in handy when young ones or amateurs use the camera.

5. How Serious You Are With Digital Photography?

Do you foresee yourself growing beyond a digital photography enthusiast to possibly becoming semi-professional? Then look for a camera with features that will grow with your skills. For example, a digital camera which allows you to make your own aperture, shutter speed, focus and other settings will give you enough room to experiment. Get only a digital camera you are comfortable with.

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Hope you enjoyed reading the post, we suggest you use this guide to make a shortlist of digital cameras, and then head to the nearest electronics shop and look at each of the shortlisted cameras in person. Note how each camera feels in your hand, how easy it is for you to reach the functional buttons, and how solid the camera feels. Always bear in mind that a camera can only do so much, the quality of a picture still depends on the photographer. If you have good ideas, share your thoughts.