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If you are searching for home based business or small business ideas that would enable you become your own boss, and make money online working from home, welcome on board. Looking for online business ideas or how to start a successful home business? Whatever brought you here, we got you covered. In most countries, the ability to survive the unemployment problem and hash realities of life is to learn how to start a home business and work from home and make money online. Therefore, the concept of this website is – If you are not employed then, employ yourself. With the right internet business ideas, there are numerous home based small businesses such as At-Home Daycare, Off-Hours Daycare, Elder Care, Lawn Care, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Pet Grooming, Travel Planning, you can organize and manage from your home, using only your mobile phone and a computer. Here you will learn different approaches to become whatever you wanted to be without anyone looking over your shoulder. Discover best ways to make a good living doing things you love, on your own without minding anybody.


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Everywhere you go, the topic is the same – Jobs and Money – how to make money fast, how to get loans, how to buy a mortgage, how to start your own business, how to work at home and care for your family, how to find job and list goes on. And if you are not thinking along these lines, you might be deemed useless and unproductive in the society. We provided you with massive list of small business ideas you could run comfortably from your home such as – Graphic Design, Bookkeeping, Copywriting, Virtual Assistant, Courier Service, Translation, Video Production, Internet Security Consulting, and several eventful activities you could do on your own to make a good living.


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With the modern technology and new business ideas now available to almost everyone, you have no reason to stay jobless or unemployed. Internet and modern technology have brought not only new and faster online business ideas but also reliable self employment opportunities. However, most people are still not embracing the chances. They thought their mobile phone is only for talking, chatting and video game, and not aware that their mobile phone is also a mobile office that can make you a millionaire if you know how to use it for commercial purposes. With your mobile phone, computer and internet connection, you can employ yourself, and became your own boss. You only need to embrace the best business ideas that fits your lifestyle. It’s time to start thinking outside the box.

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With the right new business ideas, you can start and build a million dollar business empire that could also employ other jobless people. Though, it might not be easy and cheap for many to start a home based business, no matter how small is the start up capital, but if your are privileged, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Learn how to start a small business and ways to run a business from home. Starting a home based business could be hard and confusing at the beginning but gets easier and better as you transact business with other small business owners. Here you will find unique business ideas, online business ideas, small business ideas and related information on how best to start, manage and run them.

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We only provided you with the best home based small business ideas. It’s still up to you to research and decide which one to start with. Find the best home business ideas and make good money while working from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best home based business ideas, and how you can start them from your home with little cash investment. The only major investment required here is your time. You need to spend time on your home based business if you want to prevail.

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Global Work at Home Jobs You Can Do Online From Anywhere

Find best work from home jobs from anywhere in the world. Discover best companies hiring for global work at home jobs from all over the world. Where you live doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to real work from home jobs you can do online from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for some legit international work from home jobs you can do from the comfort of your dinning table, welcome on board. Did you know you can work from home with giant companies. Not many people knew about this, but believe me, it’s happening and only the smart job seekers can grab the opportunity. We have gathered some of the best global companies and organizations that are hiring people who likes to work from home.


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Where you reside doesn’t matter. With your computer and mobile phone, you can get online jobs from home, high paying jobs to do from home, and reliable overseas jobs. Have you been unemployed for a long time? Given up or still trying? We got some good news for you. You are not alone. Most people have actually given up looking for legitimate work from home jobs or stay at home jobs because there are no jobs to apply for. However, technology has made it possible to work for international companies from the comfort of your home. If you are skilled, have a degree, high school certificate or technically skilled in any field, you have a chance to work with international reputable companies and global organizations from your home, and get paid in your local currency.


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International Work from Home jobs in South Africa

Due to the ongoing globalization, several companies are now expanding their production bases beyond shores, and offering international jobs to workers who are eager and willing to work from home. All you need is a computer, mobile phone and internet connection. Now you don’t have to leave your family to work in another country unless for jobs that really required physical presence. Irrespective of your country, you can work online and get paid monthly as normal office does. You can live in South Africa and work for companies in USA, UK, Canada, and many other countries. Here are some of the reliable companies that offer best online jobs you can do from home. If you are unemployed, skilled or not, here’s a chance to get a legit overseas job of your dream.

1. Worldwide 101

If you have skills and ready to work from home unsupervised, then Worldwide 101 is looking for you. Looking to work with some of the world’s best companies, Worldwide 101 is the place to search for work from home jobs. The company is offering home-based jobs from all over the world and you can apply no matter where you live. The company offers numerous home-based jobs both locally and internationally. Search for jobs: Worldwide 101 jobs.

2. Gotranscript

Did you know you can work from home with some of the best companies around? Not many people knew about this, but believe me, they are hiring home based workers in different categories and only the smart job seekers can grab the opportunity. We have gathered some of the best companies hiring people who likes to work from home. If you are looking to work with one of the world’s best employers, this website is the place to search for work from home jobs because they are really employing home-based workers from all over the world through their agencies. Search for jobs: Gotranscript.

3. AccuTran Global

Can you type faster than robot? Not possible, but if you are really fast with computer keyboards, AccuTran Global are looking for part-time typists or transcribers of meetings, conference calls, interviews and more. The company hires employees who are based in UK, Canada, US and few other countries. You have to check out their website to know more. Search for jobs: AccuTran Global Jobs.

4. VirtualBee

If you are looking for international data entry jobs to do from home, then Virtualbee is the best place to search. The company offers global data entry jobs and looking for home based online workers. The company is strict on hiring workers, and you must take an evaluation before working for them. Search for jobs: VirtualBee International Jobs.

5. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Looking for small jobs to do from the comfort of your home, then check out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The website is one of the first small job sites and provides lists of Human Intelligence Tasks. They also give workers the chance to select and finish the job for a fixed price. Search for Jobs: Amazon’s Global Mechanical Turk.

6. Translatorsbase

If you are an experienced freelance translator, and searching for international work at home freelance jobs, send your job application along with your experience to this virtual firm. They established a base where potential clients from all over the world post job details for job applicants. Search for job: Translators Base.

7. ZeroChaos

If you are looking for any kind of global work from home jobs, and didn’t know where to go or how to start, contact this firm and send your application. This company have openings for any kind of international online jobs – sales, accounting, call center, administration, payroll services, program management, marketing, data entry, business development, writing, and many more. Search for job: ZeroChaos.

8. Groupon Careers

Find your ideal global work from home jobs. Did you know that Groupon careers is also offering international work at home jobs? This company is one of the best coupons and deals sites you can find on the internet, and they are also hiring workers from around the world for a variety of work at home jobs. You simply contact them and send your job application from any country you live. Search for job: Groupon Careers.

9. 1-800-Translate

Do you speak more than one language? If you can speak and write different languages, this is your golden opportunity to showcase your talent and make money. The website has job offers for translators and interpreters.You have to check the job requirements before applying. Search for jobs: 1-800-Translate.

10. DotDash Careers

If you are good and have passion in writing and video production, you can get a high paying home based job from this website. The site covers a wide range of topics from writing jobs to health, finance, travel and more. If you have multiple experience, there are variety of jobs waiting for you in this website. Search for jobs: DotDash Careers.

11. CCI Call Center International

Do you speak different language and have the experience to work at home as independent call center contractor? if you do, this global call center is always looking for independent contractors who have the ability to work from home and can also speak different languages. Search for jobs: CCI Call Center International.

12. Aim-for-A Tutoring

Do you have teaching credentials, and loves to teach students from different countries online? This company is always hiring online tutors who can teach college subjects like arts, science, math, English to students from different parts of the world. Search for jobs: Aim-for-A Tutoring.

13. Appen Butler Hill

If you can translate multiple languages online, apply for the job and work from home with ease. They are looking for home-based translators, and interpreters who can do excellent job working from home. Search for job: Appen Butler Hill.

14. Automatic Data Processing

This company is one of the best data processing firms both locally and internationally. They provide wide range of business processing services in many countries. Therefore, if you are searching for data processing jobs to work from your home, this might be a chance for you to get a good paying job. You have to check the business processes as you proceed. Search for jobs: Automatic Data Processing.

15. Classof1

Are you an experienced international online tutor? If you can help students from all over the world prepare for exams, and class work assignments, then there is a job for you here. The firm provides online tutoring services, content development and e-learning courses. The firm (Classof1) is based in India and offers international services to K-12 students from different nationalities such as U.K., U.S.,Australia,and NZ. Search for job: Classof1.

16. BrainMass

If you are looking for online teaching jobs, and can handle different inquiries from international students, then you are qualified to apply for this job. This company is looking for online teaching assistants who answers inquiries from foreign students. If you have years of teaching experience backed by paper qualifications, apply for the job directly, and teach or you can assist students from your home. Search for job: BrainMass.

17. Working Solutions

Looking for international freelance call center jobs, then contact this firm for details. This company is a BPO firm that is always hiring experienced work at home freelancers willing to do call center online jobs, data entry jobs, and agents who can also speak and translate multiple languages. Search for job: Working Solution.

18. Ockham

Find a home based telecommuting job you can easily do from your home without leaving your country. Ockham provides special services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies hence always in need of experienced telecommuting workers who have worked in research projects, IT, project management, and more. Search for job: Ockham.

19. Careers at PPD

If you are a healthcare specialist, and looking for international home based health jobs, here’s an opportunity for you to shine and showcase your experience. This company is often offering professional services to the healthcare industries, and they are searching for experienced home based health workers. If you feel you are qualified, try them out. Search for job: Careers at PPD.

20. Quicktate and iDictate

Are you a transcriptionist? Do you have the capacity to carry out medical transcriptions in different languages? This firm is now looking for experienced and smart work from home transcribers who speaks not only English and Spanish, but also transcribers who can transcribe in other languages like Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and more. Search for job: Quicktate and iDictate.

21. TeleTech@Home

If you are looking for international work from home part time jobs, here’s a good news for you. This company is looking for part-time workers for home based jobs such as call center representatives. If you have experience, and can handle call center jobs from home, check out the website and apply for any part time job of your choice. Search for job: TeleTech@Home.

22. Covance

Are you an experienced clinical researcher? If you have what it takes to perform a good clinical research from home, then you can apply for this job. This firm is one of the best global clinical research companies to work with. They are now looking for home based clinical research associates who can work from home, and also has the flexibility to travel around to other countries if needs be. Search for job: Covance.


If you are searching for online sales jobs you can do from home, this site is your best bet. You can make good sales for the firm by using social media platforms, mobile phone and much more. The company’s basic function is customer relationship management through social media, mobile phones, cloud technologies, and many more. Search for job:

24. ApartmentTherapy

Work at home with ease. Work remotely from anywhere in the world as Ad Operations Campaign Manager, Junior Editor, Video Production Coordinator, Senior Video Producer, and more. This company is a home and decor site online magazine that gives home based employees from around the world, a chance to work from home and make a living. Search for job: ApartmentTherapy.

25. Herzing University Online

If you have experience doing online faculty jobs with universities or educational institutions, you can apply for this job. Herzing University Online is a private college offering work-from-home positions to employees from around the world. Search for job: Herzing University Online.

26. WordExpress

If you are looking for international freelance translation jobs, you can try your luck with this company. They are always searching for freelance translators and interpreters from around the world. Search for job: WordExpress.

27. Eduwizards

If you are searching for high paying home based international freelance tutoring jobs, then apply to be listed on this company’s marketplace for best online freelance tutors. Eduwizards is an online marketplace that lists online freelance tutors for a fee. And here you have the chance to set your own rates for tutoring and other services. Search for job: Eduwizards.


If you are looking for global freelance translation job, you can send your resume and find your dream job here. This internal information management firm is always employing home based experienced freelance translators. So if you have at least one year of translation experience, you are qualified to apply. Search for job:


If you are an experienced online tutor, high paying international teaching jobs are always available at your service. is always looking for experienced online tutors who are ready to operate and teach students online from anywhere in the world. Search for job:

30. Laureate Education, Inc.

Laureate Education, Inc. is looking for highly experienced educators who have master’s degree in their field. This firm develops online education courses for several educational institutions and organizations, and employs experienced educators from around the world. Search for job: Laureate Education, Inc. 

31. WorldLingo

Looking for international work at home freelance jobs, try your luck with this firm. They are hiring home-based freelancers from all over the world who has the ability to work as call center agents, proofreaders, editors, journalists, desktop publishers, interpreters, voice-over talents, payroll services, and more. All you need is a computer, mobile phone, internet connection, and a Paypal account for your payment. Search for job: WorldLingo.

32. LionBridge

If you can speak different languages, why don’t you make a career out of it. Get high paying translation jobs from global work from home firms. This company is always looking for smart translators and interpreters from different parts of the world who can work from home. Make money with your language skills. Search for jobs: LionBridge.


Find a high paying work at home tutoring jobs from famous internationally accredited institutions and organizations. This firm is looking for both local and international tutors who can work from home. Search for job:

34. Sun Microsystems

If you are an experience engineer looking for international home based assistant jobs, then this job is for you. This company is looking for work from home support engineers who are skilled, and can work from home unsupervised. Search for job: Sun Microsystems.

35. UniversalClass

Are you a certified online instructor? Find high paying international online instructor jobs from world class institutions. This company offers continuing educations courses online for several institutions, and looking for experienced online instructors who are certified, and have college degrees to back it up. Search for job: UniversalClass.

36. Virtual University

Find international home based, and high paying writing, editing  and teaching jobs from various virtual universities around the world. Virtual University is always hiring experienced and smart home based workers who could teach online courses to students. Search for job: Virtual University.

37. Mozilla

We all know Mozilla FireFox, but only few people knew that they offer international home based job opportunities. If you are a specialist in fields like Internet Policy Manager, Computer Vision and AR Browser Research Engineer, Lead Product Manager, Software Engineer, Financial Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Online Researcher etc., you can apply and work online from your country. They are hiring remote workers from around the world for several kinds of work at home jobs. Search for jobs: Mozilla Firefox.

38. VIPdesk

If you are searching for international customer service work from home job, welcome on board. This firm is looking for home based workers as agents to manage customer concerns through phone, emails, answering inquiries, and research projects. You have to be fluent in languages like English, French, German, Spanish or Italian to be considered. Search for job: Vipdesk.

39. Clickworker

Looking for online writing, editing, researching, translating or data entering jobs you can do from the comfort of your home? This firm is an international crowd sourcing company that is always looking for independent contractors for a variety of jobs and services. However, you must also note that before working with this company, you must first register and undergo an easy assessment process. Search for job: ClickWorker.

Where you live doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to top international work from home jobs. You can get a high paying work from home jobs from reputable companies around the world. If you know where to search, there are lots of companies offering high paying global work at home positions. However, if you are just searching for normal traditional jobs, simply jump to the good old job boards – Indeed,, Career Builder,, and more. And if you are searching for best local and international work from home jobs, online jobs, data entry jobs, part time jobs from home, or how to work from home globally, browse all above mentioned websites and find your dream home based job.


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We have assembled most work at home jobs together in one place to save you time and money with more browsing options. If you have comments, share your views or suggestions in the comment box. Your opinion matters in every issue. Try to bookmark this page, we will be updating the list whenever we found other international companies hiring home based workers.