72 Best Sites to Make Money with Online Surveys

Make money at home by simply taking online surveys for cash. This is the best way to make money from home. Don’t miss the chance. If you are looking for paid online surveys, surveys for cash or paid surveys at home, look no further because we have them all here. You don’t have to waste your time on the internet searching for paid surveys, we have gathered together some of the best survey websites you can think of in one place to save you time and money. You only need to relax and browse through the post to find the best paid survey websites, at home jobs, online surveys, legitimate paid survey sites you can work with. Learn how to earn money online with paid to survey websites. Discover the power of your opinion and in return receive rewards for gift cards, vouchers, cash coupons and more?


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Most people do not even know they can get paid for their views. Yes it’s true, get paid for doing surveys for money. learn how to make money online. The approach is very simple, take online surveys to get your views heard in survey websites and start getting paid for your time spent. Most legitimate paid survey sites are generous and pays you for any survey you completed. However, we’ve got some of the best paid survey websites offering new opportunities to make extra money at home.

If you are really looking for how to make money fast, one of the best ways is to sign up with online survey sites. They will allow you to earn money just for answering very easy questions, and you are also rewarded with cash or gift cards for doing simple tasks. Here are 72 legitimate paid survey websites to get you started. These survey companies will pay you to do online surveys for cash. Now you have no reason not to make money working from home.

1. Survey Club

Earn cash for participating in online surveys. Find high paying research opportunities in your area and make good extra money. Survey Club offers the latest & highest paying research, focus groups, and survey opportunities to people working from home in particular.

2. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is no doubt one of the leaders in paid online surveys. The company have rewarded numerous survey participants since the program began and is one of the rare survey sites that has received accreditation from the BBB. They are one of the most diverse survey sites that include topics of anything from music, cars to entertainment. You should try them if you want to make fast cash.

3. Survey Junkie

Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your opinion. The company makes it quick and easy to jump into the survey game right away without wasting your time. They are the most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts, one of the largest survey sites to work with. Try them now.

4. E-Poll Market Research

Earn rewards and prizes for your opinions. If you are searching for paid online surveys, this survey website is one of the best.

5. Vindale Research

Want to make money working from home, take paid surveys. Find surveys for cash. Share demographic information about yourself, and the company will match you to paid surveys at home.

6. Inbox Dollars

If you want to make extra money online from home, try Inbox Dollars. They pay members to: Sign Up, Read E-Mail, Refer Others, Join Survey Sites, Play Games, Complete Offers, and Many more. You need to try this company.

7. Pinecone Research

This company gives you a chance to earn points for every completed survey and can redeem points for cash or prizes. Pinecone is one of the most exclusive online survey sites. You can only join on invitation. There is no registration link or form when you visit their site. You only see a login tab and they only accept members through invite links that they provide to some affiliate members. They have quotas and stopped accepting new affiliates as soon as they reached that limit.

8. American Consumer Opinion

Get paid to answer online opinion surveys. This company will pay you to evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think about the products and services. You also have the opportunity to test and keep new products.

9. Pro Opinion

Here you get the chance to take surveys for money, get paid to do surveys and can also register for your profile so that you can take surveys for money whenever they become available. As stated in their website, any survey you completed earns you points redeemable for certain survey rewards – cash, gift cards and more. So if you are in need of survey rewards, join this company now.

10. Coins Rewarder

Want to earn free gift cards? This company offers free Gift cards from companies like Amazon, itunes, Steam, Google play and also free money to Paypal and Paytm. Thye will give you points when you participate in surveys, try free apps and watch videos. As stated in their website, their Points can be redeemed for Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon gift cards. Join them and make good money.

11. MindSwarms

If you are looking for legitimate paid online survey websites, join high paying survey website like Mindswarms and make good money working from home. This company will pay you via paypal within 24 hours of your survey completion.

12. Gifthulk

If you are searching for free gift cards for playing games and taking surveys, Gifthulk is the place to be. This company will help you make money in your free time by simply playing games, answering surveys and watching videos to earn gift cards for your favorite brands, and your points would be redeemed for Walmart, Steam and Amazon gift cards. You have nothing to lose joining this survey site.

13. Swagbucks

Searching for free gift cards for paid surveys? Join Swagbucks and make cool cash working from home. Earn free gift cards when you shop online, play games online, watch videos, take surveys, and more. This survey website is the most famous get paid to site to join. They will give you many options for earning points – shopping, searching the web, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games online and more. And your points can be redeemed for gift cards for companies such as Amazon and Walmart, or even cash via PayPal. Swagbucks gives you an opportunity to earn rewards for doing all the things you normally do online like taking surveys, visiting websites, watching videos, playing your favorite online games, shopping and more.

14. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is a must use site because they have what every affiliate is looking for – high paying surveys.

15. SquishyCash

Sign up for free, play games, complete offers, take surveys, make money online and get paid. Earn cash and Squishycash will pay you by check, PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, and Dwolla, payment also includes prizes and gift cards from other famous places like Best Buy, Starbucks, Target, and more.

16. GrabPoints

Want to earn free gift cards? Get on board with GrabPoints. The concept is very simple, advertisers pay GrabPoints for engagements, they recruit affiliates like you, and you do online activities like Watching Videos, Taking Surveys, Completing Offers, and get paid via PayPal or gift cards for places like Amazon and Walmart and more.

17. Savvy Connect

This company offers different survey activities including VIP program which uses safe, cutting-edge technology to collect data as you browse the net. You just install the free app on your phone, PC or other devices you use to access the internet, and it works quietly.

18. CreationsRewards

This survey website gives you an opportunity to earn free gift cards by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. CreationsRewards will give you points which you can redeem for cash via PayPal or gift cards for places like Amazon and Walmart.

19. InstaGC

Join InstaGC and get free gift cards by completing simple tasks, surveys, videos, and more. The survey site gives you points when you complete surveys, search the web, watch videos, and shop online. However, you can redeem your points for gift cards for places like Google Play, Forever 21, Amazon, American Airlines, Walmart and more.

20. EarnHoney

Earn free gift card with EarnHoney. The survey company has been dubbed the fastest earning GPT site. You get paid for watching videos, playing online games, earn free gift cards. EarnHoney gives you points when you take surveys, shop and play games and you can redeem your points for gift cards for Amazon, Target and several other store outlets.

21. Gift Hunter Club

This company gives you the chance to redeem and exchange your points for gifts. Sign up with Gift Hunter Club and try new apps, take surveys, complete offers and watch ads and they will give you cash via PayPal or gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes and more.

22. Parent Speak: Survey Site for Parents

If you are a stay at home parent looking to make money working from home, this is for you. This company is specifically survey website for parents. It’s an online community where parents can connect with each other and discuss
things and find ways to assist each other.

23. Perk

Join Perk and earn rewards for the things you normally do every day. They will give you a chance to get free Cash, Gift Cards, Prizes, and more when you watch TV, play games, and shop with Perk. So what are you waiting for, join now and start making money from the comfort of your home. Their service is simple, try apps, answer trivia questions and play games, Perk gives you points, and you can redeem your points for gift cards for places like Starbucks, Amazon, Gap, Target and more.

24. QuickRewards.net

This survey website allows you to earn cash via PayPal by just doing simple tasks, like taking surveys and playing games. In return, they will pay you cash via Paypal or free gift cards.

25. KidzEyes

Looking for survey sites for kids! Sign up with Kidzeyes. This company surveys are specifically directed to kids products like games, toys, electronics, TV shows, music, clothing, videos and more.

26. MyPoints

This survey site allows you to take surveys, earn points and get cash via PayPal and get gift cards for different brands when you shop online, watch videos, read emails, play games and more. Try out with them.

27. Earnably

Want to earn instant rewards online! Join Earnably. They allow you to earn instant rewards by completing offers, watching videos and taking surveys. Besides rewards, you can also earn cash through PayPal and get Amazon Gift Cards when you install apps and sign up with them.

28. TeensEyes: Survey Site for Teens

This company offers surveys that caters to teens in particular. Their program only accept teens between 13 and 18 or more in some cases. The company conduct studies and surveys mainly for products and services that teens like to use such as chats, snack, video games, apps, TV shows, music, movies, clothing, dolls, and more.

29. SuperPay

This is a free paid surveys and easy cash offers to make money online free. You can always find new paid surveys with fast Payments. However, the survey site will give you cash via PayPal, Payza, Skrill and you can also get gift cards for Amazon when you completed offers and participated in surveys.

30. Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

Nielsen Digital Voice offers market research surveys to thousands of living rooms through its Nielsen Rating program which was developed to gather data about the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States.

31. Engage Studies Consumer Panel

This company offers some of the highest paying surveys you can think of, better than most popular survey sites. Best site to make money from home, and by far one of the highest paid when compared to other money making paid survey websites.

32. Engage Studies Healthcare Panel

This company runs research and surveys only on healthcare related studies. Therefore, you have to be a member of the medical/healthcare community before you can join and participate in their survey programs.

33. ESearch

Esearch has a very lovely approach of accepting members internationally and offering global survey services, though most of their studies and surveys are directed towards consumers residing within USA.

34. HCD Surveys

HCD Surveys allows you to take surveys for money, get paid to do surveys. As stated in their website, any survey you completed earns you points redeemable for certain survey rewards – cash, gift cards and more. So if you are in need of survey rewards, don’t hesitate to join them.

35. Panda Research

Panda Research will give you a chance to get paid to read emails plus a bonus as soon as you sign up. Get started and grab the bonus.

36. Consumer Village

Consumer Village sets themselves apart and does their services differently compared to other survey sites. They have moderated surveys where you get to discuss the topic at hand with other panelists while the discussion is being moderated by a moderator. This is a new trend and their members are really enjoying it. You should join this company and give it a shot.

37. SurveyBeta

This survey site will give you direct point for each survey. As stated in their website, 100 Direct points gives you about $1. And to redeem your direct points, you have to send them an email with the subject line CheckRequest.  You must have to follow this procedure if you want to make money with their survey services.

38. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions has grown and transformed to become one of the top online survey websites offering services like toys, food, clothing, electronics, games, movies, TV shows, videos, and more. Their concept is simple, you earn credits for every survey you take which you can redeem for gift vouchers from top brands such as Amazon.com, Macy’s, Target and more.

39. VIP Voice

Vip Voice is one of the oldest market search industries still around and kicking and conducting studies. Though they have interesting surveys that members can easily participate but they don’t offer direct cash or gift cards. As stated in their website, you earn points which can be used to win you cash or prizes in two ways: a) SweepLand which gives you the chance to win cash, electronics, and even vacations. b) BidLand enables you to use your points to bid on recent auctions for products and services. You have to weigh the options and decide if you want to work with this company.

40. Opinion City

You can make money every week with Opinion City if you work with then seriously. Besides regular surveys, joining them is free. The site will help you earn cash just for giving your opinion. How does it work – they will match you with surveys that best fit your profile, and you just give your opinion about top product brands.

41. Toluna

Toluna is a giant global market research firm with a wide variety of surveys that earn you points. However, for every survey, you earn between 3000 to 6000 points, and you can redeem your points for cash and prizes when you have about 30,000 points in your account. It’s easy to earn points because of their interesting surveys.

42. Harris Poll Online

HarrisPoll is one of the legitimate survey sites that rewards you with points that can be redeemed for electronic gift cards and also a chance to win prizes from Harris Sweepstakes and contests. If you are a regular, each survey can earn you between 75 to 200 points. The good thing with the company is that you will receive your rewards (e-gift cards) instantly.

43. iPoll

iPoll operates online survey services in the U.S. and internationally – India, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, Pakistan, China, and more. It’s free to join iPoll and get a free $5 sign up bonus just for becoming a member. So what are you waiting for.

44. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost gives you reward when you have points. You earn points for completing available questionnaires and you can redeem your points for cash via PayPal, iTunes credits or Amazon gift certificates.

45. InboxDollars

InboxDollar pays you to watch videos, play games, shop, take surveys and complete offer. They will give you $5 bonus just for joining up and few more dollars for filling out your profile. So that makes it easy to earn the first $10 in the first few days, though they have a high minimum cashout requirement of $30 which might be hard for new members.

46. SurveySpot

SurveySpot is one of the best online survey sites that offers interactive surveys about grocery shopping and more. They pay cash as well as gift cards and other prizes.

47. NiceQuest

NiceQuest also offers high paying surveys for Hispanics and Teens, as well as mobile surveys you can take via their app. Pay via: Merchandise, Store Gift Cards, Movie vouchers, Restaurant gift cards, Donations to charity, Sweepstakes entries, and many more.

48. Institute for Online Consumer Studies

This company is a not-for-profit research organization that conducts research, studies and experiments on shopping-related behavior.

49. Mindspay

Mindspay also offer paid product testing opportunities. Besides surveys, you can purchase products and services through their portal and earn a certain amount of cash back for every dollar you spend.

50. Irazoo

Take online surveys and get paid. Sign up with iRazoo and get paid completing everyday activities online. They will pay you to watch videos, take surveys and complete other simple tasks, and will also give you gift cards for places like Amazon.com and more.

51. MySurvey

If you are searching for online surveys for making money, join Mysurvey. Re-invent your self and discover your values and get rewards for gift cards, cash coupons and vouchers. Find how to get paid for doing surveys for money, you could make real Money Online. This survey website allows you to earn rewards for taking online surveys, diaries and product tests, and you can also earn points for surveys which can be redeemed for cash, prizes and gift cards. This survey site is highly recommended.

52. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the best survey sites that can boast of having tons of surveys available for it’s members each month. Their platform is very simple – for every survey you take, you earn what they call MarketPoints. They will allow you to redeem your points for a variety of prizes including Amazon, PayPal, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and UNICEF charity donation, and many more.

53. FusionCash

FusionCash is one of the best survey panel out there that gives members free $5 sign up bonus, and also allows it’s members to get paid for signing up for various sites and completing offers, shopping, taking surveys and more.

54. Vindale Research

This company has a very high paying surveys for it’s members, and will pay you $2 just for signing up. So nothing to lose here.

55. ePoll

ePoll is one of the best survey panels with high paying surveys. They allows you to take surveys for money, get paid to do surveys, and any survey you completed earns you points redeemable for certain survey rewards – cash, gift cards and more.

56. CashCrate

Besides taking surveys for cash, CashCrate also allows you to earn money by doing offers, shopping and referring friends and family to the site. Read our CashCrate review for tips on how to make more money with this site. Good place to make extra money from home.

57. National Consumer Panel

This is not your ordinary survey site, here you scan your purchase receipts and answer few questions about the stuff you bought, and that’s it, your done.

58. My Opinion Now

My Opinion Now allows you to earn reward points for every survey you completed. According to their website, the longer the survey, the more reward points you earn. So it must be cool to work with this survey site.

59. Mindspay

Mindspay is one of the survey companies with high paying surveys that members really appreciated but they also have high minimum cash out requirement. Therefore, you really have to research well before joining this group.

60. YouGov

YouGov offers interesting surveys in social life, politics, public affairs, products, brands and current issues to it’s members. And Pay via: Prizes, Gift Cards and more.

61. Paid Viewpoint

Paid View points turn out to become one of the best survey websites with quick pay outs. Something the members appreciates.

62. Springboard America

Springboard lets you earn points for each survey that you completed and Pay via: PayPal, Prepaid Visa, Gift Cards – Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more.

63. ACOP (American Consumer Opinion Panel)

American Consumer Opinion is one of the best survey sites that offer high paying surveys to members and Pay via: PayPal, Hyperwallet and more. This is one of the best survey companies to work with.

64. One Opinion

Besides surveys, OneOpinion also offers product testing and Pay via: PayPal, Prepaid Visa, and more.

65. PanelPolls

PanelPolls offers surveys mainly for families and paid focus groups you can participate in. They Pay via: Check.

66. Kids Opinions

Kids Opinions offer surveys for kids. It’s a good place where your kids can share opinion with other kids. They Pay via: Check.

67. Legerweb

Legerweb is a Canadian based survey website that pays you for surveys and also rewards you for referring your friends and family. They Pay you via: Check.

68. Clear Voice

Clear Voice is one of the best survey websites that offer global surveys and accept international members, though most of their surveys are directed to residents of U.S., Canada, U.K, and other western European countries. And they Pay via: Payoneer, Amazon gift certificates, Dining Dough gift certificates, and many more.

69. Loot Palace

Loot Palace allows you to take surveys for free stuff, watch videos for free stuff, listen to music for free stuff. They pay you to search the Web, play games online, complete surveys, try products and services, watch videos and play games. And you also get gift cards for places including Amazon, CVS, Sephora and Verizon Wireless.

70. Grindabuck

Join Grindabuck and get free gift cards for completing offers. The survey company gives you gift cards when you complete offers, view ads and watch videos. And also gift cards for Amazon, Walmart and more.

71. FreebiePoints

This company allows you to earn free points by taking surveys and offers and redeem for gift card rewards.

72. Ipsos I-Say

i-Say is one of the best survey websites that offers global online surveys in many countries. Here you earn for participating in individual surveys and your account gets credited right after you completed the survey. Once you hit over 500 points you can redeem them for prizes like PayPal payments and Visa Prepaid Cards, as well as gift cards for stores like: Amazon.com, iTunes, Starbucks, Target, and more.

If you have been searching for legitimate survey websites, paid surveys at home, online surveys for money, or best paid survey sites, this is one of the best websites that assembles most of them together in one place to save you time and money and also gives you more browsing options to find the best websites to make money with online surveys. If you have comments, share your views.