14 Life Tips To Be Successful

Want to be rich and famous? If you are searching for life tips to be successful, we got you covered. It’s not that hard as you imagined. But if you want to be successful and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor, don’t try the fast lane, and don’t believe those bogus too good to be true stories and offers you see and read in internet everyday. Who doesn’t want to be wealthy and respected in the society? It is a social status most people wished for everyday but only very few achieved it in a life time while others die trying. However, rich and famous people are not different humans and definitely not aliens with supernatural powers, they are just like me and you, and everyone else, the only reason they are wealthy and famous is because they do things differently. To get that status involves, throwing ones life publicly with little or no privacy, ready to work in co-operation with the paparazzi with no complaints of any kind. You can easily identify the rich and famous due to their luxurious life styles, expensive homes and private jets, cars just to name a few. Forbes magazine and internet news are always portraying the inside homes and romantic bedrooms of the rich and famous. And real estate companies advertising, buying and selling or renovation of mansions of the rich and famous. Everybody wants to belong to the wealthy class, hence you can see people struggling here and there to get out of the poverty circle. The social status of rich and famous comes from different professions such as Acting, Music, Dancing, Magic, Sports, Talent, Politics, Academics, Latest Information Technology, Business, Finance just to name a few. Here are best 14 life and career tips that could help you become rich and famous at least in your home town.

1. Actors – If you are an actor or intending to become one, you must act with no reservations even if it involved showing your private parts on camera, or talking trash, just to portray what your replicating. What actually makes the actors very rich and famous is that they act as if in a real life, they can cry, shout, talk, walk, kiss, romance, do things with emotions and that’s what the audience or fans likes to see and feel – hence you see some movies, music, etc became hits, top charts and making millions while others flop and failed simply because the acting and or actors were not good enough.

2. Musicians

If you are a musician or still aspiring to become one, you must have to play virtually all musical instruments, or concentrate on one or two and play it like no one does before. Win people’s hearts and minds and put smiles on their face with your music. Let people find solace on your music and use your tunes and tracts on social gatherings like parties, wedding, clubs and at homes. Let people sing along with your music any time it plays on the radio or anywhere.

3. Dancers

You have to dance like there is no tomorrow. You must dance with smile, love and emotions. Dance with no reservations, introduce new dancing steps that move people’s heads and put smile on their faces whenever they watch you perform. What makes some dancers more successful is that they always invent
new dancing steps that makes people happy.

4. Magicians

Perform different exciting shows like no one has done before. Not the formal card or coin tricks that bored people to death, but new fearful and exciting but interesting magics that people would like to see again and again and talked about with their friends forever.

5. Sports

Different sporting activities like soccer football, basketball, baseball, tennis, track & field, boxing has made more people rich and famous or middle class than any other in recent history and has produced many roll models that young ones likes to imitate. If you are in any sports, play it perfectly so your fans will never lose interest, hence you become a hero. Though little talent adds in sports but the main factor is hard work, discipline and determination. You must have the lion heart to go extra mile when others are failing or fading away. Constant training, learning new tactics and desire to be number one in every sport is the key factor that makes some stand out and be wealthy and famous while others quietly fade away.

6. Talent

Having talent in any field is a special and unique ways of becoming famous but, only if the talent is discovered and developed early before it dies out. Many talents especially in the developing and under-developed countries die and perish simply because they are not discovered and developed. If you see talent in any one around you, help and introduce that person to many talent search agents and before you know it, that talent becomes famous because of your help. Everybody has talent in one thing or other but functional only if the talent is developed early enough. Most talents simply fade away because they were not discovered or were developed very late in life.

7. Politics

Traditionally, politics is one of the factors that makes people very popular and rich specially in third world countries. But reverse is the case in a developed world. Many young people aspire to be or live the lives of popular politicians. To be rich and famous in politics is to be a good roll model that cares to the needs of the people who trusted and voted you into the office. Though you can be rich but you cannot be famous if you are a corrupted politician. Do your best to the people who voted you into office. The secret is to win the hearts of the people, put smile on their face and they will trust and always vote for you
or your party.

8. Academics

Most academicians only end up in the middle (middle class), only very few makes it to be called rich and famous. Therefore, academics is not one of the professions that shoot people into rich and famous status but its one of the highly respected and emulated.

9. Information Technology

The trends of computer and mobile phone technology has recently made some smart guys easily become super rich and very famous by simply inventing new computer hardware and software, mobile phone Applications, re-modelling an old ideas, inventing social network services that has held the world hostage.

10. Motivation

Several factors such as a view of those Hollywood homes of the rich and famous, their luxurious life style, mansions, private jets and limousines to name a few, motivates people especially young aspiring kids who likes to emulate their heroes. If you are not motivated by anything or anybody, you can never achieve anything meaningful in life.

11. Advertisement

One of the things that makes some people super rich and famous is simple advertisement, both written and word of mouth. People always talk with each other about good movies, music, dancing steps, soccer, football teams, track & field heroes, talents search winners, modern day politicians, etc, and that attracts more people to go and watch their favorite heroes do the things they does best.

12. Fear Factor

One thing that deters people from becoming wealthy and famous is fear factor and tradition or afraid of failure. Most people would not like to see themselves in public news media, TV, photos, films, or do extreme things that attracts public attention to their families or do anything contrary to their tradition or culture. If you are too traditional and afraid of failure, you are definitely not ready for success.

13. Paparazzi

If you hate the paparazzi or public life, don’t even think of getting anyway near to middle class, talk less of rich and famous because those news media makes you popular, wealthy and famous or at least middle class and they will also help to destroy you whenever you messed up with your life or that of other people.

14. Start Ups

Are you technically inclined with IT? Looking to start your own small scale business? Make the most out of the current booming IT technology that has evolved from mobile phone, computer, and high speed internet connection. People are really making it big with social media online businesses. Join the band wagon, and grab your own share of the IT boom. Bottom line, don’t be afraid of failure.

Hope you enjoyed reading the informative article. However, whether you are talented or not, if you have what it takes and not shy or afraid to give it all, sky is your limit. Come out of your comfort zone and show the world what you are made of and the hidden talent in you. Share your ideas to the world so that millions of people out there still struggling, will gain more insight and learn that they can overcome the poverty circle by doing things differently, and once a while try new things in life.