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How To Know When To End A Relationship

Are you getting more depressed with your marital problems? Cannot save your marriage? Have both of you exhausted all the relationship advice from your marriage counselor, and still you cannot mend the broken marriage? May be it’s time to give peace a chance. Learn how to know when to end a relationship, when to return to single’s market and when to start dating again. To fix a broken marriage, both couples must have to compromise, sacrifice, seek a professional relationship advice, and find a common ground to learn how to mend a broken marriage. Lack of compatibility is a very serious relationship problem that easily breaks any strong relationship. However, it is highly recommended that both couples should learn how to heal a broken marriage before even saying “I Do”. This gesture helps you to guard against marital problems and have a clear view on how to save your marriage. But if you are really not compatible with each other, it is also recommended to end the relationship amicably and start over again with someone new.

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If the marriage is falling apart, not working as it used to, and cannot be repaired then, it’s time to call it quit, instead of becoming a worst nightmare to each other. Here’s a million dollar question – should couples be advised to divorce and give peace a chance to enable them get organized and start all over again? For the interest of the children, family and friends, the answer is definitely YES. Couples with troubled and irreconcilable differences should not only be told and advised to end the relationship but, also to go different ways instead of sticking together only to fight everyday, destroying innocent children’s lives emotionally and making each others’ life a living hell. Marriage, induced by love, is a bond of matrimony that keeps two perfect strangers together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is supposed to be the most enjoying adventure in life as it brings together two different individuals who does not know about each other, even after saying I do before family and friends. However, The real test starts when those individual differences starts to show up one after another. It takes courageous minds to stay and adjust, but not everyone has that courage to bear and adjust to the differences.


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Then comes another question – why do couples split up after so many years together? The answer is not far fetched. Life is too short to spend half of it fighting with someone you are not supposed to be with at the first place. No need fighting, if you cannot live together, just end it amicably, and start over again with someone else. However, it also depends on individual opinions. But for the best interest of the children, family and friends, it is better to divorce than making each other’s life a living hell, fighting everyday over simple issues, trying to kill each other, accusing each other of cheating, blaming each other, and so forth. Here are notable signs that your loving relationship is dead and you should divorce to give peace a chance and start over with someone else.

1. Not Looking at Your Face When Talking.

If your partner is avoiding eye contact and refuses to look at your face after some argument or fighting, you have to read the writing on the wall and note that your marriage is on a life support and could be over anytime.

2. Fighting Over Everything.

Relationship leads to love and the outcome of that love is happy marriage. Two different people bound together by love to share everything together. But instead of sharing love, they kept fighting over everything and never agrees on anything, meaning you guys have nothing in common and such marriage was never meant to be at the first place.

3. Not Talking After Fighting.

Couples are bound to argue and disagree occasionally and sometimes fight over some issues. They should reconcile and became friends again after the fight. However, your partner may take the common fight seriously and stops communication with you, hence sending the message that the marriage is not healthy and might be virtually over.

4. Not Forgiven You.

After all said and done, couples should forgive each other to keep the relationship going. However, if your partner is still not laughing over the issue and not forgiving you, the whole marriage thing is in trouble and it’s only a question of time before you are informed officially.

5. Starts Coming Home Late.

When your partner starts coming home late after work, something is fishy some where. Either you are a boring partner in bed who only lies there like a dead wood and does not know how to satisfy your partner, or you are a very nagging type who annoys everyone and does not know how to make a happy family. And your partner is trying to send you the message that the love and relationship is over and its up to you to save your marriage or let it go.

6. Not Eating at Home.

Suddenly things changed and your partner stop eating dinner at home as usual. This is an indication that you are such a bad cook, hence your partner prefers to enjoy diner at a restaurant or even at a family or friends house. This is also an indication that the marriage is just hanging on for a while.

7. Not Kind to The Kids.

If suddenly your partner started being rude and harsh to the children, something is seriously wrong somewhere and your partner is only seeking an easy way out of the marriage. Instead of fighting and destroying the kids emotions, the couple should quietly call it quit to give peace a chance.

8. Not Helping in The Kitchen as Usual.

Happy couples do the laundry and the dish washing together after eating. And here comes an argument and a fight over an issue. After that, your partner refused to help in the kitchen and prefer to eat outside instead. You should be matured enough to know that your partner is indirectly telling you that you are on your own.

9. Not Picking You Up.

Your car broke down or you have no car and your partner did not turn up to pick you, leaving you stranded and waiting for a long time until you decided to go home on a taxi. Your partner is sending you the message that picking you up is a burden and prefers instead to hang out with friends until late at night. Your partner is bored and tired of been trapped in a marriage.

10. Not Taking The Trash Out.

Taking the trash on your way out is the responsibility of everyone living in the house, but suddenly your partner stopped taking out the trash even when its full to the brink and splitting around in the house. This is an indirect way of telling you that the marriage is over and only waiting for an exit.

11. Not Respecting Your Family and Friends.

In a happy relationship, family and friends plays a vital roll as couples often invite them over on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. However, if your partner stops paying attention to your family and friends and stops honoring their normal invitations for no reasons, then you should know that something bad is about to follow. And if your partner refuses to talk about it, you have to assume that your marriage is partially over and you are on your own. In this case, no need picking a fight, just start packing up your things.

12. Not Eating Out With You.

On happy days, you and your partner always visit your favorite restaurants and drinking joints. But lately your partner decides to go alone instead or probably likes to pick someone else up, perhaps someone better than you. On that note, your partner is trying to send a message that relationship with you is boring and wants to test something fresh and different.

13. Sleeping in Different Room.

You have a king-size bed that can accommodate four people. Why did your partner complain of space in the bed? Perhaps you might be snoring so loud that no body around you can sleep. To avoid you, your partner opted to sleep alone in a different room. Loud snoring ignites other issues which eventually forces your partner to opt out of the relationship.

14. Supporting a Different Football Team.

You used to shout out and watch your favorite football teams as they play and win games and mourn with them when they lose. After a bitter brutal fight, your partner started liking and eventually supporting a different team, never wanted to watch games with you again, and prefers to enjoy watching football games with friends. You should get the message early on, and know that your partner never wanted to be seen with you in a public place again.

15. Sarcastic.

In a romantic relationship, no one likes to be shouted upon. If your soft spoken partner changes form and became rude and sarcastic, hated whatever you say or touched, the message is to tell you that whatever left in the relationship is officially dead and both of you should go separate ways. If your partner refuses to meet and talk with you face to face, you should start getting ready because that relationship is dead but not yet buried.

16. Became Harsh to Step-Child.

It takes great amount of courage and understanding to stay in a marriage where one or both partners already had kids from previous marriage. If after a minor argument, your partner turns to your kid in particular, blaming the kid for everything that went wrong. Then, you should quickly get the message that your partner is trying to get rid of you and your kid and wanted to work out of the relationship. Your partner wanted the marriage over but, did not know how to approach you for that, so the easiest way is to attack your kid to ignite a fight with you.

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However, if you are in a relationship and noticed any of the above mentioned indications, you should quickly realize that your relationship is not healthy, and hanging on a life support, and you should start planning an exit and how to handle the bad news.

Some people say, they will not leave a relationship without a fight. That’s a bad idea because someone might get hurt. Instead of fighting and hurting yourself and your kids, seek for amicable way out to give peace a chance and to enable you start over again probably with someone better. However, this is a major issue facing both married couples and singles still contemplating to tie the not. Marriage is a beautiful thing and should not end in disaster or divorce but if it does, try to do things amicably to protect your life and your kids if any. Feel free to shear your thoughts to others.

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