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How To Start Over In Life After Tragedy

Looking for how to start over in life after tragedy and a major set back? No qualms. When one road closes, another opens wide open from a different direction. If you want a new life after a major setback, look for a new direction and, start over again. Don’t give up. Life is sweet and smooth for some people, but a total disaster for others. When a major catastrophe like divorce, natural disaster, accident, death or loss of job, lives and everything else are turned upside down. And it takes a strong and determined individuals to survive the impact. If you found yourself in such a horrible situation, Don’t just sit there mourning over harsh realities of life, jump up, and do something new. Here are some tips on how to start life over again after tragedies like brutal divorce, fatal accident, death of a loved one, lost of a job/career that took half of your life to build and develop, natural disaster and many more.

1. After A Brutal Divorce – Divorce is bad not only to the kids, but for everyone. However, if you find yourself in that category, don’t ever reject your self just because someone rejected you, instead, set a high standard for yourself and a new dating priorities, and try to be more social than ever with everybody around you and your new friends. Do not accept age as a hindrance. In today’s world of love and romance, age does not matter anymore. The bone of contention is your ability to perform your romantic duties to your partner, and carry out your part of the family responsibilities. Brutal divorce is too bad for the kids, but then, it’s never too late to start over again. “If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today”. Don’t stay stuck and mourn over harsh realities of life, do something better. One closed door leads to another widely opened.

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2. Fine Tune Yourself

To start all over again, whether after a brutal or amicable divorce, death of life partner, losing your job, or starting over for all the good reasons, you need to fine tune yourself and stay in tune with modern technology, and join the chorus in the social media. You must need a modern high speed computer and mobile phone that can connect to the internet with wifi to enable you do your work and connect and chat with new friends at any place, even at shopping malls. Though it’s not that easy to start all over again especially if you have adopted great many patterns and got used to doing things with a long time partner, but it also gives a sense of relief knowing that all those brutal past activities are history, and you are about to have a new life and a new bright beginning.

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3. Change Priorities – In retrospection, if you believe you tried all the new ways you could find on online to change things, and still nothing works out, then, have it to say that your best was not good enough. Therefore, you must have to re-access your priorities, change the way you normally do things, apply new ideas as you plan to start a brand new life.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Starting over again can be bumpy and rough at the beginning as harsh realities of life sets in. At that point, some weaker individuals tends to take their own life forgetting that a man/woman who waits until circumstances completely favors his/her undertakings will never accomplish anything. You need to get out of any comfort zone your in before, and take full control of your life without depending on anybody even if you have to. Whether you’re recovering from a nasty and brutal divorce, loss of a life partner, or you just lost your career/job where you have spent half of your life building, taking full charge of your newly found life is an important part of turning around not only your life, but also the life of your loved ones.

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5. Nasty Custody Battle

Some people tend to end their life after divorcing from a long relationship, especially the one that involves nasty custody battle for the kids. However, a clear understanding of what went wrong, how you ended up been a divorcee, and in the singles market again could be the key to starting over again and giving yourself another chance. Slowly but surely introducing yourself back in the social world is an excellent initial moves. Change your features, debut a new hair styles, re-energize your self, join a fitness club to get into a good shape and start dating again.

6. Death of Life Partner – Death of someone’s spouse heats like a thunder, and sounds like a wild dream. Waking up the next day, and realizes it’s true, your lovely spouse has actually gone and would never come back. It’s really hard to swallow, but life goes on. One by one, we all go the same route. However bitter death of a spouse sounds like one must reach a state of acceptance when it comes to nature or accidents. The most painful part is when such loss is man made or acts that could have been easily prevented as seen in today’s wild world. For those who have strong faith or believed in something, some kind of meditation or praying helps to alleviate bad feelings and kind of refreshing the mind to instead concentrate on new ideas and something more positive. Getting social with new friends or even with complete strangers could help to energize and put some smiles on your face. Always surround yourself with both old and new friends and well wishers who understands your present predicaments, and willing to help you in anyway possible.

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7. Losing Your Job – Starting over after losing your job is the hardest of it all, because everything comes to a stand still, and if you did not do something within a short period of time, it gets worst and might strike you down mentally and physically. You need to take stock on your goals, and know what you want out of life and go for it without hesitation. Delay is dangerous, so they said. Therefore, you must immediately find an alternative job, even if it’s a low paid, and move on from there. Eventually, you will get back to the high position. The problem most people face is the academic qualification for a new job. Most employers based their new positions on academic qualifications and experience, and if you have only the experience with no academic papers to back it up, your life might be turned upside down because you might never get such high paying jobs again with only your long working experience. If you have no degrees or certificates to back-up your long working experience, try to enroll a related course in one of the online schools. There are several high standard online schools for both vocational, and career training jobs that gives you a certificate and a degree after completion. Online learning is becoming a way of life for those who likes to learn online and those who cannot afford the normal physical attendance.

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Starting over again in life after a divorce, death of a partner, natural disaster or after losing your job is one of the life challenges everyone tends to avoid, but at some points in our lives, things can go ugly and will take different turn and before you know it, everything you have worked so hard for all your life collapsed and ends before your eyes. There are numerous ways to start over again after harsh realities of life sets in, you have dig deeper to find them, and you can also invent a pattern by yourself and use all your life experiences to build up a new you.

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